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"All in All" - Preparing for Worship Oct. 15 2017

Posted by Tommy Keene on

Morning Worship – “All in All”

Last week we learned that Christ came because “God so loved the world.” This week we reflect further on the worldwide significance of Christ’s work. He is not our God only. He is given authority over all things. How should this transform the mundane matters of our life?

Passages for Meditation

  • 1 Corinthians 15:25-28. How is Christ’s reign and rule good news for the world and for Christians?
  • Isaiah 45:18-25
  • John 3:22-4:3. How does John describe the nature of his ministry? Why must he “decrease?” What is his role now that Jesus is engaged in his heavenly calling?
    Also: why does Jesus respond the way he does when the Pharisees here that he is baptizing more people than John?

Questions for Consideration

  • John says he must decrease. His story is a subservient story. In what ways do we make ourselves the center of our own story?
  • How does that fact that Jesus is “all in all” subvert that tendency to consider ourselves first?
  • How should this transform our relationships with others?

Hymns for Proclamation

  • 12- “Exalt the Lord His Praise Proclaim”
  • 470- “How Vast the Benefits Divine” – What benefits are listed in this hymn? How does each come to us from Christ?
  • 1 – “All People that on Earth Do Dwell”
  • “In Christ Alone” – How does the cosmic “all in all” character of Christ’s kingdom relate to this hymn?

Evening Worship – “Don’t Be Like Simon Magus”

I want to return this week to an old series. The Bible gives us wonderful examples of faith, many of which you can find in Hebrews 11. It also gives us counter-examples­. This week we are going to pick up on a series we started last year called “bad prayers in the Bible.” There are, of course, many great examples of prayer in the Bible, but the biblical writers also give us examples of weak or sinful prayers. It does this so we may spot our own proclivities toward sinfulness and selfishness.  

  • Examining Ourselves. We will be celebrating the sacrament this evening. Think this week about the ways in which our religious piety and practice is motivated by worldly concerns, rather than Spiritual ones.
  • Psalm 140
  • Hymn of the Month: By Grace Alone
  • Sermon Text: Acts 8:9-25. Do you think Simon’s repentance is genuine? Why or why not?
  • Final Hymn: 725. The Lord’s Prayer. What are some features in this prayer that are not part of Simon’s?