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"The Resurrection of the Dead" - Preparing for Worship, 01-29-2017

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Morning Worship – “The Resurrection of the Dead”

Passages for Meditation

  • John 11:25-27. Martha believes that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. How should that transform her thinking and actions.
  • Acts 24. Paul reasons with Felix about “righteousness and self-control and coming judgement” (24:25). Why those topics? We’ve seen Paul tailor his words to his audience—why might these be particularly relevant for Felix, and how do they relate with one another?

Questions for Consideration

  • The resurrection of the dead is not just something we wait for, biding our time until it gets here. It is supposed to transform the way we think and act in the present. Why?
  • How?

Hymns for Proclamation

  • 558: That Man is Blest who Fearing God. How does the resurrection help us to “fear” God?
  • 316: The Mighty God, the Lord

Evening Worship – “Who Can Heal You”

We are blessed to welcome Joshua Jacobs from Proclamation as our preacher this evening.

  • Psalm: 116 – How is God praised as the deliverer in this hymn?
  • Sermon Text: Lamentations 2. This is a dark passage, but there are signs of hope. How does the prophet give his people hope in the midst of their well-deserved distress?
  • Hymn if Preparation: 451, Not What My Hands Have Done


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