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"The Well Fought Fight" - Preparing for Worship, May 7 2017

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Morning Worship – “The Well Fought Fight”

Worship is more than a weekly “spiritual checkup,” or a community devotional—it’s an integral part of the covenant that God has established with his people. He called us out that we might enjoy his presence; he brought us forth for worship. That is why Israel was taken from Egypt, and that’s why we have been redeemed from our sin and bondage. This week, we will hear of the Israelites’ success against Ai, and also their response to that success: a recommitment to the Lord as His people. That’s what we do when we worship; we are receiving the blessings of God, and committing ourselves to His service.

Passages for Meditation

  • Ephesians 6:10-20. How does God equip his saints for battle? With whom do we fight? What are our weapons and where do we receive them?
  • Joshua 8. Why is the sacrifice and worship of Israel in 8:30-35 an appropriate response to what takes place earlier in the chapter?

Questions for Consideration

  • Examining Ourselves. We are celebrating the Supper on Sunday. Read through the 10 Commandments. What confession should you bring before the Lord this week? What commitments should you make in the week to come? What areas of your Spiritual life have begun to slip, and how might you recommit them to the Lord?
  • Worship is one of the ways God equips us for battle. What weapons (see Eph 6 again) need honing? How might worship assist you in preparing for the week to come?

Hymns for Proclamation

  • 119- I Sing the Almighty Power of God. Why is the power of God such an important topic in Scripture? Why do we repeatedly proclaim how powerful he is?
  • 525- Soldiers of Christ Arise
  • 358- For all the Saints.

Evening Worship – “Have you anything to eat?”

We continue our brief break from Hebrews this week and consider the resurrection of Christ. Jesus is perpetually and almost gleefully surprising his disciples after the resurrection, and this week he does something strange indeed: he eats. Why?

  • Psalm 123
  • Sermon Text: Luke 24:36-49
  • 706- Jesus Live and so shall I

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