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"To Be Continued...." - Preparing for Worship, Feb. 19 2017

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Morning Worship – “To be Continued…”

We come now to the end. But, yet, not the end. One age is coming to a close, to be sure, but the church goes on. The foundation has been laid (Eph. 2:20), but the church is still being built. How will it end?

Passages for Meditation

  • Luke 1:31-33. How does the promise of Jesus’ eternal kingdom motivate kingdom work in the present?
  • 6:1-10. Paul quotes the end of this passage when appearing before Jewish leaders in Rome. It gives us a darker picture of the results of proclamation. Is there hope as well?
  • Acts 28:11-31. Is this a fitting conclusion to the books of Acts? Why? Is it a hopeful conclusion or an ambiguous one?  

Questions for Consideration

  • Though his own people have in large part rejected the message, Paul nevertheless has hope. On what grounds?
  • How does Paul want the leaders to respond to the condemnation he voices from Isa. 6? What is his goal in quoting these verses?

Hymns for Proclamation

  • 165- “Ye Servants of God Your Master Proclaim”
  • 88- “With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring”
  • 369- “Shout for the Blessed Jesus Reigns” As we sing this, we are encouraging others to boldly proclaim the kingship of Christ. Is that a habit in your own life?
  • 444- “O Zion, Haste, Your Mission Fulfilling” How is this a fitting conclusion given the sermon text?

Evening Worship

“In local life, we trust
The resident witness
Not the royal tourist” (Kingsley Amis)

We are wanderers in the wilderness, and as such we are subject to constant danger. Where will we find the strength to persevere? Take heart, for you have a Great High Priest!

  • Examining Ourselves. We will be celebrating the Lord’s supper this evening. What sins do you need to bring before God? More particularly, given the concerns raised by Hebrews: in what ways have you drawn near to Christ this week, and how can you draw near to him now?
  • Psalm 119:1-24. The law is an excellent mirror for the soul. How have you wandered from the commandments this week?
  • Hymn of the Month: 251- “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”
  • Sermon Text: Hebrews 4:14-5:10
  • Final Hymn: 305- “Arise My Soul Arise”


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