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"To Heaven All Along" -Preparing for Worship 2017-05-21

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Morning Worship

Passages for Meditation

  • Exodus 32-33. A long passage, I know. Describe the “drama” here? What is the threat? Why does God not go through with his warning? How might this apply to NT believers?
  • Hebrews 8. Why do we need a heavenly tabernacle? What does that mean for us? How does Christ serve in this tabernacle, and why is that important for our daily lives?

Questions for Consideration

  • We are on a journey, one which our author refers to us a wilderness wandering (Hebrews 3-4). How does one prepare for that kind of journey? What do we need in the wilderness as we pursue promised land?
  • Hebrews tells us that we have “such” a high priest. What is meant by “such?” What is Christ’s priestly ministry like, and how particularly is that a benefit to us?
  • Hebrews is constantly exhorting us to “draw near” to Jesus. What activities does that entail?

Hymns for Proclamation

  • 65- Before Jehovah’s Awesome Throne. Jesus “sits” at the right hand of God, which allows us to approach the throne of God. How does this psalm reflect on that reality?
  • 674- I Need Thee Every Hour
  • 348- Jesus with thy Church Abide
  • 338- Spirit of God Descend upon My Heart

Evening Worship

We will be having a sabbath symposium in the evening. Come with your questions and insights!

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