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Walking Together

"Worship Wars" - Preparing for Worship, June 25 2017


Posted by Tommy Keene on

Morning Worship – “Worship Wars” Just when things are going well, we hit a bump, and like many bumps, it’s caused by a misunderstanding. The trans-Jordanian tribes build a cairn—but this cairn is huge and gets mistaken for an alter by the Israelites on the other side ...

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Online Giving


Posted by Eric Huber on

Giving is one of the many ways we participate in the work of Christ's kingdom; it is an important and necessary component of the life of the church! In In the OT the people had whole feasts devoted to the act of giving, bringing the "firstfruits" of the harvest to the Lord with thanks. We give ...

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"Wage the Good Warfare" and "The Way is Shut" - Preparing for Worship, 2017-06-11


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Morning Worship – “Wage the Good Warfare” We continue our series on Joshua this Sunday, and the battle has begun. Israel most physically battle those in the promised land to obtain the promises. New Testament Christians face a similar battle, though ours is Spiritual rather than ...

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