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"Something Old, Something New" - Preparing for Worship 9/24/17

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Morning Worship – “Something Old, Something New”

We are continuing in John this morning, considering how Jesus confronts us with the glory of the New Creation that he brings into our lives, and indeed the life of the whole world.

Passages for Meditation

  • 2 Corinthians 5:17 with Revelation 21:5. What does “new” mean here? How does God make things new, and what does it mean for us to be “new?”
  • Jeremiah 31:7-14. How does Jeremiah describe the new work that God is doing in our midst? What should our response be?
  • John 2:1-12. John goes to great lengths to tell us that this is the first of Jesus’ signs. Sings are important. They point to something. To what does this miracle point? What is Jesus telling us with this sign? And remember, this is the first sign, and as such the most foundational. Why is it so important?

Questions for Consideration

  • This sign that Jesus gives us should cause us to rejoice and delight in the coming kingdom. What about the Kingdom of God gives you joy?
  • Many talk about Christianity as if it is a religion of “do nots.” How does this sign challenge us to think differently about the kingdom that Jesus brings?

Hymns for Proclamation

  • Hymn 34. The God of Abraham Praise.
  • Hymn 87. The Lord’s My Shepherd I’ll Not Want. How does the kingdom of Christ secure our every need and joy? How does Jesus’ promise enable us to sing this hymn with confident faith?

Evening Worship – “Perseverance in Particulars”

Eric mentioned to me this week that it has actually been 5 weeks since I’ve been in an evening service! Some of that is because we took a break, and some of it is because I was away teaching, and some if it is because I was on vacation, but regardless, that’s a record. This is the longest I’ve been away from the evening service since, well, ever. So it is good to be back! And, fittingly, we are finishing up Hebrews!

  • Psalm 138. Hebrews has called us to persevere, and this psalm praises God who preserves us. How do those two ideas fit together?
  • Sermon Text: Hebrews 13. How does this material fit within the rest of Hebrews? Does it feel different to you, and if so why? Does it relate to what we have covered so far, and if so how?
  • Final Hymn: 672. Trust and Obey.

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