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"Teach Your Children Well" - Preparing for Worship 10-3-2017

Posted by Tommy Keene on

Morning Worship – “Teach Your Children Well”

It’s that time of year—back to school! Sunday School that is. This Sunday we will be reflecting on why we do Sunday School and how to get the most out of it. That’s important whether you are a parent of five kids, or one of said kids, or a member of the church wanting to fulfill your vows to grow in godliness and help others to do so. How can we teach ourselves, and our children, to grow in godliness?

Passages for Meditation

  • Matthew 19:13-14. Why would Jesus’ behavior have seemed odd here? What is Jesus affirming when he receives these children? What is the message for us as adults?
  • John 14. How does the promise of the Spirit transfer our knowledge of God?
  • 1 Timothy 4:6-16
  • Deuteronomy 6:4-15. What is the logic behind the command here? Why are the people told to write the word on their hands and on their eyes?

Questions for Consideration

  • Consider the Deuteronomy passage. You’re probably not going to start writing bible verses on your hands, but what are you doing to keep the word in your head?
  • What family practices can you initiate in order to encourage Bible knowledge for your children? Friends? Neighbors? Church?

Hymns for Proclamation

  • 120- All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • 599- Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us
  • 189- Jesus Loves Me This I Know. All the hymns this week are classified as “children’s hymns,” but of course such a classification is really quite ridiculous. How can we as adults better appreciate the simplicity of simple truths? Why is it good to go back to the things we learned as children?

Evening Worship

There’s no evening service this week.